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Our #M-Concierge found for you: Lanvin Expo Paris + High Tech

let us take you by the hand through Paris... 

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M-CONCIERGE BY LGH HOTELS                               MOVING AROUND

This week in Paris the temperature will be so sweet. not to cold, not too hot, sunny with possibility of clouds, why not taking advantage of this good luck we have and go out #Discover Around
This time, our suggestions goes to this beautiful expo until August 23 so you still have a whole month to plan your visit

If you feel attraction for "la mode francaise" this expo is for you,

The 1st time Paris gives a room to Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946) stunning models from the collections of Pallais Galliera and the Lanvin Heritage, their style will amaze you, perhaps, couple of designs will take your breathe away hoping you could buy and wear it right now.
  • A little history.... Mademoiselle Jeanne opened the firt: LANVIN store at 16 Rue Boissy d'Anglas in 1893, her litte daughter inspired her to start with child clothes and in 1909 she opened the Young Ladies and Women's department and in this year, Lanvin entered to the prestigious French Fashion Houses
  • After some years she decides to expand to brides, lingerie, furs, interior decoration, sport and men's departments.
  • In 1927th to celebrate the birthday of her daughter she creates the well known parfum
  • LINVIN style is haute couture, a classic french perfection

Madame Lanvin & daughter, and the logo in the famous perfum "Aperge"
photo by @fashiondollstylist

 In this expo you will see all her hard work and her extraordinarly success.

The best plus is their Exhibition Mobile App

Enjoy the complete experience and discover things you will not be able to know without the app!

Lanvin' app is available in english for free including a dowloadable foyer on  Apple Store & Play Store

Photo credit: Lanvin 
To learn more on the app, click here.

#JeanneLanvin is the official hashtag of the exhibition.

Opening hours:Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pmLate openings on Thursdays until 9 pmClosed on Mondays and public holidays** Exceptional openings : April 5th (Easter Sunday) & May 24th (Whit Sunday)The museum will be closed on May 1st, May 8th & May 14th (Ascension Day)
Access :Métro 9 (Iéna ou Alma-Marceau), Métro 6 (Boissière)
RER C (Pont de l'Alma)
Bus 32, 42, 63, 72, 80, 82, 92

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer is here, and we need ot eat fresh and healthy to recover strengths 

Want to know what are the fruits and veggies for #SPRING and #SUMMER

find here the whole list!

" Eat WITH the Season"


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


            #Berry-Paris Wholesome #Lifestyle Magazine on the Go

Balanced lifestyle while traveling is the focus of Berry Paris 

Curated by +Montse Flores Berry Paris is a visual beauty.  Wholesome finds in #Paris, the magazine uniquely features beautiful spots like cafes, restaurants and co-work spaces that offer delicious yet smart choices for those wishing to continue their healthy lifestyle while visiting Paris.

Berry Paris a Visual Magazine

Visitors not only will find dining advice but tips on recipees, DIY, healthy choices,
 Relaxing and Stress free days.

Berry Paris Lifestyle Magazine is well worth a look.

 About you and around you

 A style of Living
Eat with the Season

Monday, May 25, 2015

Activités sous le soleil de #Paris 

L'été arrive à grands pas. Si vous êtes à Paris pour les vacances, organisez votre séjour et combattez l'ennui.  Découvrez alors ce que vous pouvez faire pour profiter du soleil et du romantisme Parisien

Paris Plages

Juillet / Août : La mairie de Paris en profite pour créer une plage artificielle sur les bords de la seine. Quoi de mieux que de profiter du soleil sur du sable avec des activités pour tous les âges, rafraîchissez vous à Paris plages. 

Cinéma de la Villette 

Profitez d'un cinéma en plein air sous les étoiles à Paris. Parc de La Villete projette les plus grands classiques du cinéma en plein air, vous pouvez ainsi profiter de films de qualité avec vos proches à la belle lune. 

Festivals parisiens de Musique 

Pour les amoureux de la musique, Paris sera rythmée par plusieurs festivals.. et pour tous les goûts. Profitez de vos artistes préférés dans un cadre idéal. Pour la liste des festivals, visitez : (Merci+sortiraparisOfficiel)


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#jetlag Overcome Jet Lag with these apps

 Overcome Jet Lag with these apps!

Jet lag, also called desynchronosis or flight fatigue, is a disruption of our own body clock that causes fatigue and disorientation, interrupted sleep, confusion, fuzziness, dehydration, uncomfortable legs and feet, and some other health problems.

Overcoming jet lag is now easier with these apps:

Entrain is a free app for iOS that connects users to lighting schedules. These schedules help adjust you to new time zones as quickly as possible. Light is the primary driving input to the circadian clock, and by recording your lighting history, it can simulate your body's clock and make recommendations for behavior.


The Jet Lag App is a good way of ensuring your sleeping patterns stay in sync. Follow the Jet Lag App’s advice and you will be back to normal and feel less tired quickly. By filling in some details about your trip, such as arrival and departure times, the Jet Lag App will calculate the best possible advice for you. Download the app and experience for yourself how easily you can get rid of your jet lag so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

JetLag Rooster gives you a plan to reduce jet lag, taking into consideration the place of departure and destination and setting a calendar with the ideal sleeping and waking hours.


So give these apps a try and sleep tight!