Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Paris is your best option this #Winter

Yes, yes, we all love #Paris when the weather is nice and easy, but even though at this time of the year is a little bit chilly it rains less than spring and snow is very rare, you can enjoy so many activities around.

Here are some our must favorite spots in Paris this winter:

1. The ice rinks

 The great ones in the city are the one outside Hôtel de Ville, open from December 19 to March 1st and the one inside the Grand Palais, go at night to skate under the iron and glass vault with lights and DJ music, open from December 14 to January 4th

2. Window Christmas shopping

There are beautiful windows all around the city, visit the ones from Printemps and Galleries Lafayette, each window telling a story, don't forget to visit The traditional but amazing upside down tree inside Galleries Lafayette also make a time for the winter sales where you can find up to 75% off, schedule your trip from January 8 and February 11th 2014 be sure you get near this dates as the selection goes down very fast.

3. Eat something to nourish your soul

With a beautiful winter weather the best feeling is to put something in your lips that brings you warm and joy, try those popular "marrons" located in the street, normally outside the metro or in christmas markets, or enjoy a delicious Tartiflette a recipe that comes from the Haute Savoie region of France made with potatoes, cream, bacon and the aromatic cheese Reblochon a delicious winter comfort food; also, why not, a rich cassoulet a typical southwestern French dish made with white beans, pork , sausage and vegetables then baked with tender duck confit. This dishes will definitely warm you up from soul to heart.

4. Mickey Christmas!

Christmas at Disneyland Paris Cant be more magical than this, Everywhere you go you will "see" Christmas, Christmas them on Main Street, parades, and other festive events you can't miss it out!

5. Cozy up with a good read

This little library is simply magical, it first opened in 1921 unfortunately closed during WWII, but George Whitman, a friend of the first owner, opened the new one in 1956. 
this place full of stories, allows writers to stay nights without any charge in exchange fof some work at the bookstore, but if you just want to discover it don't forget visit Shakespeare and Co.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

#Christmas #Markets in Paris

The winter holiday season arrived and with it the Christmas Markets in the city of Lights, submerge yourself in this magical places full of holiday treats like "vin chaud" delicious gingerbread cookies, sausages and specialities from various regions of France, if you are planning for an original gift for any member of the family and If you are celebrating Christmas in Parisyou can't miss this magical places.

A little bit of History...
Europe is full of beautiful and magical Christmas markets, and they have their origins in the northern Alsace Region and Germany as early as the 14th century, the most famous land larger one is in Strasbourg created in 1570 if you happen to be in this area by this season don't forget to visit this amazing market

Some of the Best Christmas Markets you can find:


Inside Paris this is the largest one, it starts in the Champs-Elysées to the Place de la Concorde, you will be delighted with the French delicacies you can enjoy some there in the place, like crêpes, waffles and indulge in a hot chocolate or have an aromatic "mulled wine" you can also take some home and enjoy, such as champagne, truffles, chocolate, foie gras, cheeses, meets and much more

Opening Hours: November 14th 2014 to Sunday 04th of January 2015
Location: The Avenue des Champs- Elysées
Metro/RER: Charles de Gaulle - Etoile


Submerge into this colorful market where you will find artisanal and regional products where you will find the perfect ingredient for Christmas dinner or the perfect present for a special someone, for the little ones they can make a stop and take some picture with Pére Nöel '

Opening Hours: November 20th to Sunday 28th of December 2014
Location: Paris de la Défense (near the Grand Arche)
Metro/RER: La Défense


Its one of the newest markets in town! Place de la Republique offers a varied activities for children and more than 50 stands of artisan goods and food, The Market is great for enjoying the Christmas feeling all day long.

Opening: December
Location: Place de la Republique
Metro: Republique


Get into the Christmas Spirit at one of the most attractive Christmas Markets in Paris, you will find numerous galleries and business that also take part of the market, taste a delicious "Vin Chaud" with a piece of "Pain d'epices" deliciously good! you will see everywhere you turn around you will be entertain!

Opening Hours: 6th December 2014 to January 2nd 2015 / 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Location: Place Saint Germain-des-Prés
Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Prés



Toulouse Christmas Market Creative stands with all sorts of different products, from candles to spices to perfumes to biscuits, any many other curiosities you will find here. Its very easy to find as it is located in "place du capitol""Place du Capitol" in form tot the capital building, you can spend some tranquil time here growing for gifts or trying the exquisite specialities, look out for those cooled "Aligot" you will definitely not regret it.


Why not a Christmas in Versailles, A must for Christmas enthusiasts,  be surrounded by a festive and colorful atmosphere, with all the possibilities offered like gourmet delights including gingerbread,oysters and foie gras

Open:December 5th to December 26th 2014
Location: Versailles
RER: Line C5 to Versailles/Rive Gauche


A fairytale village outside Paris, you will be transported to Medieval age with its  fortified tower, and walls, you will find savory honey, jams, bread and traditional products. 
Open: All December
Location: Place du Chatel, Provins
Train: Regional SNCF train from Gare de L'est to Provins. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

There is but One Paris...

Paris, the city of Love, of Fashion, of dining scenes with  breathtaking architecture, grand art collections and museums,  and why not enjoying the Perfect Afternoon with some bread, cheese and wine... sometimes thats all we need.

Get lost or find yourself in a Museum

Paris has an amazing amount of museums to visit, that probably can't be done all of them in just one visit, but if you feel trying something more different than usual there are this two hidden museums you could be interested in.. One of the them is the Musée Rodin it contains the largest collection of the sculptor's works plus, you will be able to enjoy his spacious garden and stunning house or lets go back some centuries ago and visit the Fragonard Musée in a free visit to this mansion of the 19th century you can see the richest collections of perfumery in the world retracting 3000 years of history, the unusually-shapped perfume bottles, the skills of the craftsmen and artisans, at the end you can be able to buy perfume product dating back to 1926.

Life is like a box of Macarons

You never know what is a really Macaron until you try the Best in Paris, My first favorite are the Acide Macarons Salon de Thé not very known by tourists, its a small but beautiful place where you can enjoy a nice breakfast, this time I just went for the Macarons, all of them have an original name and the mix of flavors is amazing and very creative, the taste is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S in your visit to Paris and you have a sweet tooth you should definitely consider this option, the other option is Pierre Herme no one can go wrong with this one, perfect amount of crunch, soft slightly chewy interior and creamy filling.

Secret passages

If you want to run away from the traffic of the city better visit the old covered passages of Paris, the perfect place to begin is near the Grands Boulevards, with passage Verdeau and continue to Passage Jouffroy allowing up to Passage des Panoramas, all of them have enchanted old-fashioned boutiques and if you follow the Rue Vivienne to Galarie Vivienne you will arrive to a more trendy passage if you keep walking you will pass the The Louvre and will arrive to the pedestrian bridge of Ponts des Arts, here the view will take your breath away and encourage to take out your photographic skills.

For the small ones and not that small ones

Teens and adults will be fascinated by the Catacombs, feel the spooky environment where centuries of Parisian bones are artfully arranged. Bring a jacket as weather in the catacombs can be humid and cold and arrive early to avoid the crowds. 
If you prefer a more activity free you might enjoy The Jardin de Tuileries in the city center which  counts with children playground, a carousel, trampolines and rental boats.

Paris Afternoon

Take advantage of those many happy hours around and outside the city; you can find really good places to enjoy a beer or a cocktail, spend a relax evening in The local bobo HQ, Chez Prune near Canal St. Martin, enjoy a moderately priced cheese or meat platters with a couple of drinks, In the area of Suresnes Le Pub Suresnes is a great place for a pub evening environment to enjoy a couple of beers and why not if you feel hungry the hamburger is their speciality.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Discover the new travel #App #FieldTrip!

+Field Trip, a mobile App created by Google, localizes you and offers you tips, stories and information about what surround you (restaurants, buildings, monuments, etc).
  • Great for travelers who do not know the city
  • But also for locals who think they know all the secrets of their city
The thing about FieldTrip is that you don't have to ask for the information but the info is given to you!
Also, this App does not disconnect you from the world but, on the contrary, digital links you to the "real world".
Finally, Fieldtrip uses the algorithm of Google Search to analyze what kind of information would be relevant for you.
This project has been imagined by John Hanke, the creator of Earth Viewer, later recalled Google Earth.
Read more. 
See also the Niantic Project by Google.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Profitez du Bois de #Vincennes en Automne!

Situé non loin de l'hôtel Le Quartier, le Bois de Vincennes vous propose des activités adaptées à toutes vos envies!
        Juste envie d'une ballade?
  • Les 2 sentiers de randonnées: un petit (7 Km - 2h) et un grand tour (11 Km - 3h)
Entrées: M1 (Château de Vincennes) - RER A (Nogent sur Marne ou Joinville le pont) - M8 (Porte dorée) Bus 281-112-114-46-210-325.                                
Consultez le plan pour plus d'informations sur le parcours. (Cf. Les chemins jaunes)
  • Découverte de la Biodiversité (Plus d'infos ici) (Plan des sentiers écologiques ici)
      Un peu plus sportif?
  • Location de vélos (15 Km de pistes cyclables)
Où? Lac des Minimes et Lac Daumesnil
Prix: 7€ - 11€ /3h
Plus d'infos ici
  • Location de barques
Où? Lac des Minimes et Lac Daumesnil
A quel prix? 10€-12€
Plus d'infos ici.
  • Parcours sportifs (saute-mouton, barres parallèles, poutre, abdominaux, espalier, etc.)
Le parcours Daumesnil (Le plan du parcours ici). Une version courte de 1400 mètres réservée aux débutants. Une seconde boucle, plus ardue, longue de 2400 mètres.
Le parcours Patte d'oie (Plan du parcours ici
  • Terrains de Football, Rugby, Boulodrome et centre de tir à l'arc
  • Centre équestre avec 15 Km de pistes cavalières
   Un peu d'histoire?
   En famille?
  • Location de vélos adaptés
Le service P’tit Vélib’ propose aux familles la location de 4 modèles de vélos pour les enfants de 2 à 8 ans.
  • Promenades à poney (Plus d'infos ici)
  • Théâtres pour enfants
  • Pleines de jeux
  • Manèges
  • La visite de la ferme.
  • Réserve ornithologique.
  • L'Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Dorée
  • La visite du jardin et arboretum de l'école du Breuil. Cet espace pédagogique abrite de remarquables collections végétales, étiquetées, rassemblant plus de 3 700 taxons, accessibles au public gratuitement.
Le plan complet du bois à télécharger ici & des informations supplémentaires sur le Bois de Vincennes ici.
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Monday, November 10, 2014

27ème édition du Festival Les Inrocks Philips

Le Festival +les inRocKuptibles Philips débarque sur Toulouse les 14, 17 et 18 novembre au Bikini 

Du 11 novembre au 18 novembre 2014, le festival les Inrocks fait ça tourné en commençant par Londres et continuera son périple à Paris, Toulouse, Nantes et Tourcoing pour la 27ème édition.


vendredi 14 novembre

                     MPA SHITRO 
                    DJ SLOW

Lundi 17 novembre


mardi 18 novembre




Saturday, November 8, 2014

Que faire à #Paris en #Novembre?

    Envie d'une ballade?
  • Festival du dress code au Canal Saint Martin                      Budget:
De jeunes marques françaises se réunissent du 14 au 16 novembre à l’espace Canal Saint Martin (10ème arrondissement) avec un concept store éphémère pour nous offrir un relooking à petit prix !
  •  Inauguration des décorations de Noël                         Budget: Gratuit
En Novembre, la magie des fêtes de fin d’année est déjà de retour pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Si vous avez l’occasion de flâner dans les rues de la capitale, profitez-en pour passer par les grands magasins qui inaugurent ce mois-ci leur décorations et sans oublier, bien sûr, les célèbres avenues parisiennes.
- Rue du Faubourg St Honoré avec Alice Taglioni
- Le BHV
- Printemps by Burberry
  • Le bois de Vincennes                                                     Budget: Gratuit
    Rien de tel qu'une belle ballade dans le bois de Vincennes pour profiter des dernières couleurs de l'Automne avant le froid de l'hiver!
Pour les Amoureux de l'Art
  • Le mois de la photo
Novembre c'est aussi le mois de la photo qui nous propose une centaine d'expositions intérieures et extérieures avec notamment l'ouverture de la Galerie de photographies au Centre Pompidou.
  • Jeff Koons, Nikki de Saint Phalle, Hokusai                      Budget:
L'Art contemporain est mis à l'honneur ce mois ci avec l'inauguration (le 26) de l'exposition rétrospective de l'artiste américain Jeff Koons au Centre Pompidou. Aussi, Nikki de Saint Phalle et le célèbre artiste Japonais Hokusai sont exposés au Grand Palais.

Toutes les expositions parisiennes de la rentrée ici.
  • +Fondation Louis Vuitton                                          Budget: €
" Quand la haute couture rencontre la haute architecture. " 
Ce chef d'œuvre d'architecture réalisé par l'artiste Frank Gehry et implanté dans le Jardin d'acclimatation, raconte la culture et les créations du leader de l'industrie du Luxe depuis plus de vingt ans. Une exposition sur l'architecte sera également accessible dès le 26 Novembre.
  Où sortir, où manger ce mois-ci?
Cette année le festival revient au Showcase, sous le pont Alexandre III pour une semaine (du 11 au 18) éléctro avec derrière les platines des DJs comme Claptone, Brodinsky, Cassius ou encore MYD.
  • Bustronome                                                                     Budget: €€
On connaissait les bateaux mouches et leur diners gastronomiques sur la Seine, mais un nouveau concept arrive dans la capitale: Un repas gastronomique dans un Bus qui fera le tour des "must be seen" parisiens.
  • Un Bar éphémère                                                            Budget:
La villa hotel Majestic (16ème arrondissement) ouvre ses portes et propose un bar éphémere (jusqu'au 28) M.chapoutier. La maison, organisant des dégustations, est l'endroit parfait ce mois-ci pour les amateurs de bons vins.


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