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#EPrix Paris - steps from #hotelleparisis -

+FIAFormulaE comes to Paris Sunday, April 23, 2016

The FIA Formula E battery-powered racecars that will charge around Paris on the 23rd of April, as part of the 2016 FIA Formula E tour. Unlike their predecessors in 1894 - first electric car race, these cars are built to test the limits of their efficient use of technology—not just their horsepower.
Full details in the video:

This exciting E Prix track is just steps from Hotel Le Parisis - stop on by the bar!

Summertime in #paris Awesome Rooftops

Exceptional #Paris views, balmy weather convivial ambiance - time to go up on the roof!!

Where to find your favorite spot - here is a stellar list featuring cool pix....14 Awesome Outdoor Rooftop Bars + Dining in Paris

My favorite = the quirky, funky Rooftop Bar at Mama Shelter Hotel

Mama Shelter Hotel Paris 20th Rooftop Bar
Add to your list, hotel stay at L Atrium Hotel Surenes - Paris - splendid panoramas of Paris.

Paris Panoramic Views from Hotel L Atrium Rooftop

#paris top cheese shops by #parisisparis

The delightful blog @ParisIsParis celebrates the special appreciation the French have for their cheeses...with a list of ten distinguished cheese shops in Paris.

Formargiers - cheese producers - often own their own shops and very frequently are family businesses.  They specialize in specific cheeses, cure in their own caves and may also produce butters.

The best producers in  art of cheese making, curing are recognized as "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" - a coveted distinction.  There are a number on this fine list.

View ParisIsParis - Top Ten Featured Paris Cheese Shops + enjoy!

Difficult to select a shop?  The staff at Le General Hotel Paris would be happy to advise guests!

#Paris Terraces - Outdoor Dining Spots

Spring days are finally here in #Paris - time to celebrate the outdoor life, terrace dining and wonderful views. The best recommendations for outdoor dining - and drinks - can be read in the always insider Paris by Mouth.

A super list for any mood, from casual to elegant, is here in this post on outdoor dining.

My favorite is Mini at the Grand Palais - a drink on the terrace is wonderful....amazing dishes, works of art in themselves.

My friend Angelique and I shared this lovely appetizer and a super delicious lunch before meandering the Paris Art Fair.  A perfect experience.

Mini Grand Palais - Lunch Terrace

Good weather - great dining outdoors - choose a Paris Terrace and go!!

#Paris Coffee Appreciation - Awakening with a French Touch

Enjoy this excellent video by photographer/videographer Puxan BC.  An atmospheric journey through Paris coffee cafes, clearly Puxan BC has a keen eye and deep understanding of the coffee culture.

The interviews are especially enlightening as coffee shop owners share their passion with 'the coffee community'... comprehension of 'terrior' translates from wines and cheeses to coffee.  The educated French palate is well equipped to appreciate the nuances of origins, roasting and specialty preparations.

There many expert coffee shops in Paris - describe your preference and the staff at Hotel Le Parisis can send you in right direction.

Meanwhile - enjoy + share the video link for Specialty Coffee Paris Awakening

#paris for Free - #Museums 1st Sunday Each Month

The first Sunday of the month is ideal for #Paris cultural out + about...
April 3 is next!!

From the well known - Centre Pompidou - with an app

To artist's maison + studio - Museum Gustave Moreau

#legrandbalcon hotel Guest Review

Le Grand Balcon Hotel #Toulouse gets 9.0 rating from our great guests. 

Thank you for your review in We look forward to your next visit at Le Grand Balcon Hotel
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#LeParisisHotel-Eiffel #leparisishotel

What could be more romantic and authentic then to be able to admire the Eiffel Tower from your  hotel room. For some it's a criteria for their trip in Paris, but unfortunately it's not that easy to find. The +Eiffel LeParisis offers more than 50 rooms, giving onto Boulevard de Grenelle, with a splendid view on the Eiffel Tower.

thank you parisinfo

Just sitting on the bed relaxing from the day well spend running around Paris or  just daydreaming the Eiffel Tower glows for those who can appreciate her beauty.

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